Grow your Instagram 6x Times than your normal growth

What do you need to get the best results and quick followers

  1. Account older than 2 months.
  2. At least 25 posts
  3. Pictures should be sharp and clear
  4. The niche should be clearly defined from the pictures. Example if you are a photographer, you must not have more than 1% pictures talking about sports politics. Stick to your field. However, you may post 1 out every 5 pics of your own family (wife, kids, parents) to establish a bond with your audience.
  5. Try keeping same color toning on pictures for best results.
  6. Try maintaining same borders, white spaces in accounts throughout the Instagram wall.
  7. Reposting user content after giving credit is the great way to get content and also engage the audience.
  8. Post some pictures of the city you live in or travel to so that get maximum engagement.
  9. Ask frequent questions in Image description to built engagement.
  10. Fill the below form with utmost care so that we target the right accounts for best results. 
We do not login to your account manually. Our software will login and perform set tasks. We require password because our software cannot follow, unfollow, like without signing in. Hundreds of people trust us with their passwords.
Share accounts of people who you want to target. Account with higher engagement and following will give you best result. Enter more than 3 accounts. Note: If you give account name of foriegn country then there are high chances that you will get followers from the same country on your profile. After 6 days we shall see which target is giving us more followers and we shall increase following from that account for best result.
you can target more than one city
List the keywords that are most important for you. We shall use them to a) Follow people who follow these hashtags. b) like pictures posted with these keywords